Mark W. Lambertson

Mark Lambertson has stories to tell, and yours should be one of them. Mark worked his way up from graphic artist and writer, to art director, creative director and marketing director. He has worked at ad agencies, design studios, and universities, including eight years as Senior Art Director at Communication Associates in New York. He has experience writing ad copy, articles, scripts, and speeches. He has directed photo shoots and videos; he has designed ads, signage, and marketing collateral. Along the way, he earned a Master of Arts in Communication and a certificate in digital marketing.

Mark takes a mentoring approach to leadership, ever encouraging the pursuit of excellence. He is a discerning and unapologetic Christian with a knack for non-preachy, amiable Christian apologetics. Mark is known for his insatiable curiosity and prodigious creativity.

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“Stories are the currency of human relationships.”

Robert McKee, Story

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    Mark W. Lambertson

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    My talent for reaching customers with marketing campaigns is empowered by experience, strong communication skills, and a healthy network. Let me tell your story.

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Mark W. Lambertson